DCE's Message

DCE's Message

Dear Saints,

   I have to admit this is one of my favorite parts of the year. School is out, baseball and softball are going, and the weather is just beautiful enough to go to the beach whenever I have a chance! People are happy, eating outside and enjoying the planet God has made for us to live in!

   As you can imagine I have been busy with Vacation Bible School the last month or so, and busy with grad school, oh and wedding planning!

   Vacation Bible School is Sunday through Thursday, June 3-7, from 5:00-7:00pm. The theme is “Splash Canyon”. We are expecting around 30 children excited to learn more about “God’s promise on life’s wild ride”. We will be teaching 5 lessons, creating crafts and playing games! Our mission this year is helping refugees in the Des Moines area that Ellie Menz works with. We are collecting underwear, socks and sweatpants in sizes for ages 2-12. We hope you can donate to our mission this year!

   I attended a DCE Conference at Concordia Nebraska on May 17-19. The theme was “Equipping the Saints”. It was a joy to see old friends, learn more about the DCE history, and be reminded about what we as God’s people are called to do. The position of a DCE has been around since June 26, 1959, but is not really mentioned in the Bible, unlike a teacher, preacher, or deacon/deaconess. A DCE though is created by the church, connected to the public ministry and is to Equip the saints serving God’s mission field.

   The speaker went on to remind us about the two natures of Christ, and anyone who is a church professional is the same. We, as a called professional in church work, have the “divine call” and the “human nature”. I have never thought that I had something like that similar to Christ. It was a wonderful reminder to me about why I chose to enter church work and become a DCE. I was reminded that there is a difference between training and equipping. The speaker also reminded us to intentionally invest in our culture, to change and go make disciples. He went onto say that even the disciples of Jesus sometimes doubted Him, but Jesus called them and will use them for whatever His purpose is.

   The same goes for YOU and me. We are all called to serve Christ in whatever vocation that might be.

   Growing up, the Lutheran Day school I attended had a sign as you left the parking lot reminding us daily that when you leave here you are entering the mission field. I was reminded that my mission is to serve God in whatever capacity that looks like, to serve faithfully in the mission field that God has called you and me to be His faithful servants.

   As far as my personal life, Derek had another interview with St. Louis Park, MN, on May 14. We are waiting to hear back from that. Wedding planning seems to be ramping up with small details, working on the logistics for the day, the weekend for all who are traveling in, and so much more. We are thankful for those who were able to come and shower us with gifts on May 5. The shower was so beautiful and fun! My mom, sister, and aunt made the trip for the weekend too.

   Even when we are unsure of what the future holds, Derek and I cling to the promises that God has a purpose, a plan and will for our lives. We look forward to seeing just what that plan is for us! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Paige Fitzsimons, DCE